Overnight Bike Storage for select events.

Don't drink and bike. Bike DUIs are real and not worth it. Or maybe you don't like riding at night or you want to jump in an Lyft with friends.  

We've got you covered. At events where having a little too much fun may be likely, we will hold your bike overnight for a $7 fee if you register it ahead of time. The fee is $12 if you don't register in advance. Some important notes:

- you can pay with cash or credit. If we are really busy, paying with cash may help you get to the event faster. 

- you are responsible for picking up your bike the next day. We will publish the pick-up time at the valet. 

- we don't offer this at all events. If the sign isn't up or we haven't published this feature on FB/Twitter posts about the event, we will not be offering it and you're subject to a $20 overnight storage fee if you don't claim your bike. Don't be that guy (or girl)!