What is Two Wheel Valet?

We exist to break down the barriers to cycling by creating a bike parking system that is guaranteed to keep bikes and gear safe.  We believe biking is critical for environmental sustainability and equity in transportation.  Our company was founded on the principles of treating employees well, providing outstanding customer service, and building great relationships with our clients. We are an LGBT owned business, and we believe diversity, representation, and authenticity helps drive our bottom line. 

Mobility by bike is our passion, and it's our mission to make it more accessible. Two Wheel Valet was established in Washington, D.C. in 2013 with the goal of providing bike valet services to real estate developments, stadiums, arenas, universities, and events across the U.S. We've racked over 45,000 bicycles since we started, and we've never had a bike stolen. In 2016, we expanded our services to Tampa and St. Petersburg. In 2017 we entered the Atlanta market as the operator of Atlanta Bicycle Coalition's bike valet program. We are planning for a large scale expansion in 2019. If you’re interested in partnering with us to launch or assist with your bike valet operation, please click here for more information.  

Bike valet is a great investment, and we want to show you why!

Benefits to Real Estate Developers & Property Managers:

  • Attract and retain tenants to existing and/or new projects

  • Differentiate properties with an amenity that is highly-valued by tenants

  • Reduce the quantity of expensive structured vehicle parking

  • Support zoning/entitlement processes and/or traffic mitigation requirements

  • Gain points toward LEED certification

  • Flexibility to easily relocate, expand, contract bike valet system as demand requires

Benefits for Stadiums/Arenas:

  • Reduce demand for paid, off-site parking.

  • Lower the barrier to entry for tournament attendees by saving on parking.

  • Promote active transportation, healthy living, and better bike infrastructure

  • Keep bikes organized and not locked to event barriers/fencing.

  • Reduce traffic and carbon footprint of events

  • Follow national trend of offering bike valet in stadiums/arenas

  • Free up space for tailgating and other fan experience amenities

Benefits for Universities and Campuses:

  • Encourage students/employees to use active transportation 

  • Eliminate risk of bike theft on campus

  • Reduce abandonment and bike skeletons taking rack space

  • Bike valet contributes to mode shift and transportation demand management efforts