Benefits to Real Estate Developers and Property Managers:

    • Attract and retain tenants to existing and/or new projects
    • Differentiate properties with an amenity that is highly-valued by tenants
    • Reduce the quantity of expensive structured vehicle parking
    • Support zoning/entitlement processes and/or traffic mitigation requirements
    • Gain points toward LEED certification
    • Flexibility to easily relocate, expand, contract bike valet system as demand requires

    Benefits for Stadiums/Arenas:

    • Lower the cost and headache of attending games and events
    • Reduce traffic and carbon footprint of events
    • Follow national trend of offering bike valet in stadiums/arenas
    • Free up space for tail-gating and other fan experience amenities

    Benefits for Universities and Campuses:

    • Encourage students/employees to use active transportation 
    • Eliminate risk of bike theft on campus
    • Reduce abandonment and bike skeletons taking rack space
    • Bike valet contributes to mode shift and transportation demand management efforts